Rattan Swivel Rocker Chair Replacement Cushions


rattan-swivel-rocker-chair-replacement-cushions Rattan Swivel Rocker Chair Replacement Cushions

Rattan Swivel Rocker Chair Replacement Cushions – Outdoor chair cushions refer to any cushion used for chairs usually located outside houses or buildings (beside the pool, sidewalk, patio, veranda, etc). These cushions are used to neutralize the angularity and hardness of chairs, providing more comfort and relaxation.

Outdoor chair cushions may be plain, quilted, stitched or channeled and can either have square or rounded corners. They are made to fit chairs such as Adirondack chairs, benches, high-backed club chairs, low-backed club chairs, bar stools, armchairs and many others. There are cushions for almost any type of chair out there. There are those shaped like throw cushions and there are people who have seats and back supports, just like regular chairs. Outdoor chair cushions may also have different colours or prints so they’re great as ornamental accessories.

The advantage of utilizing outdoor chair cushions lie in the material they are made of. Since these chairs are constantly exposed to components such as the sun and rain, it is mandatory for their materials to be durable. Therefore, the cushions are ordinarily made of olefin, acrylic, Sunbrella, Outdura or polyester. These substances are strong but lightweight making them ideal for cushioning purposes. Their flexibility makes outdoor cushions constantly wrinkle-free and in shape. Additionally, their resistance to mould and mildew, fading and stains include more durability, making cushions usable for lengthy intervals.

Here are some examples of outdoor chair cushions:

Seat Cushion – Red Global

This cushion is 3 inch thick and can be attached to the chair. It is 18″ long and 20″ wide, made from polyester. It is also machine washable and can be fade washable. This is a very basic pillow that will cost you about $20.

Wicker Seat Cushion – Tropical

Moving up the line, this cushion is 4″ thick. It is likewise not only fade resistant and machine washable. You can buy 2 of these seat cushions for $40.

Reversible Chair Cushions

This is the top of the line in comfort and design.This cushion is awesome since they’re 6″ thick plus they come with rear support. These cushions price around $50 and can also be machine washable and fade resistant.

Outdoor chair cushions come in different shapes and designs making them ideal for decorative purposes. There are cushions for almost any type of chairs-benches, stools, club chairs, Adirondacks, etc.. They can have different colours to match the material of the chair and the type of outdoor environment they are placed in. What’s more, there are businesses which provide customization of outdoor chair cushions. This allows owners to design their own sets of cushions to accommodate their tastes.

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